Start seeking on head 3

So I decided to get a MSN space which means I need to keep it updated. So mainly I will try to keep this to the tech side of my life and see how that goes.
So first off my ATI All-In-Wonder X600 Pro card has been dying for the past few months and I found out that the warrenty is good for 5 years! So seeing that I bought the card 5 years ago I decided to send in an RMA on the carrd, now the catch is that I won’t have my card for 2 weeks which means I have to get a temporary card. Now that wouldn’t be too hard if I had a AGP slot on my motherboard (ASUS PWD5 Premium) but it is a PCI Express x16 which means I have to find a PCI card or a PCI Express card. So I’ll be off to the BYU bookstore to see if they have any cheap cards that I can use while I send in my X600 Pro for repairs.
Another thing is that our server box needs a new hard drive, the 10 GB is just about to pass over to the other side, so if anyone is willing to donate their old IDE 100 GB hard drive, I’ll gladly take it.
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