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Well, I decided to try out this Windows Live Writer and so far it seems to be pretty good. Of course it is still in beta but the best way to get it out of beta is to test it. 🙂 I did have a problem though of using trying to import a blog the first time but the second time worked nicely.

Moving on to the graphics card problem, after searching high and low the BYU bookstore only has AGP cards and for a computer with a PCI Express x16 that means I have to look on-line or in a nearby retail store. Well at TigerDirect I found a card for $40 which really was $80 with a $40 rebate. So after talking with my wife we decided to get it so that I can at least use my computer while the All-In-Wonder X600 Pro card is being serviced. Come to find out that the rebate will take roughly 4 months to arrive but hey, in 4 months an extra $40 is added to the budget.

Also another project I am working on for school is an artificial intelligence bot to play the game BZFlag. This is a project in C# which talks with an intermediate program bzrobots that discovers information about the world moves the tanks around accordingly. Anyway this week’s assignment is to control 2 bots and with one as a decoy have the other snipe the enemy tanks and capture the flag and win the match.

As for the techy part, we had the AI thought class receiving the information directly from the server. This meant that we couldn’t have multiple bots running at the same time because only one of them would receive the world’s information. So we separated that from the bot structure and poof now we can have multiple bots running and they probe the class that controls the data.

Anyway more updates to come out later.


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