Impressed with new Windows Live

Well I must say the new Windows Live programs and web apps are very cool. (Disclosure: I work for Microsoft over on the Windows Client) And even though I have a facebook, gmail, and linked in account I think that I will now shift even more time over to live. (I use the Live search engine for almost all my searching needs, though if Live search cannot find what I am looking for in the first page then I’ll go over to Google and try (very rare and rarely does google get what I want without tweaking the search query just right). But one thing that I appriciate is the to-do task list on the Live Calender where I can share tasks and even groups have tasks to be done. So wanting to use this great functionality, I got my family to get on so we can share the family calender and also family work items. We’ll see how it goes, luckily they already have Live IDs so it is just changing their routine to go to the
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