Sprouting and Thinning

The one task I hate to do is to thin the sprouts. Basically I feel as if this poor seedling battled to germinate and then fought for resources and just as it starts to see a bright future I cut it short with a pair of scissors. Of course if you don’t remove the second plant then you will stunt both plants as they continue to fight over resources and end up with a poor crop. So alas the weaker ones are clipped.

Of course in any gardener’s family with a small child there is the unintentional thinning done by my son who is just trying to garden like his father by mimicking his actions. So by digging out the dirt from the pots and beating a poor artichoke plant close to death he “prepared” the garden.  The sad part was the artichoke plant that he attacked was spared from the thinning because my father wanted a few Artichoke plants to grow himself. So we spared two plants including this one because they were far enough apart to separate without hurting the plant we wanted to keep. Here’s to having it pull through these stressful times and become stronger because of it.

Artichoke plant after Andrew “cared” for the plant


Well all this planting got my dad interested in starting his own square foot garden (he is a row gardener) so here he is planting a few spinach seeds for his garden. And hopefully this week he gets around to building his raised beds, which are going to be around hip height so my mother can go out and tend the garden. I am hoping he will see how easy it is to tend to the garden when you have to walk by it each day instead of having to go down to the other side of his 3 acres of property which he used to plant and then forget about, out of sight out of mind as they say.

Notice how well my first week’s spinach is growing now that they have sprouted (pots on the right) and you can just see the tiny lettuce plant (closest plant on the left) that sprouted a couple of days ago.

The one problem that I currently have is lack of light, though I am going to try to build some LED grow lights so that I can at least supplement the few hours of daylight that they get up here in Redmond, WA in a east facing window. The plan for next week is to transplant the cool weather plants into the freshly made square foot garden at front.

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