Building the Garden

Well two weeks ago we noticed that the Egyptian Onion was growing roots out of the bottom of its container. So since it needed to be prepared for transplanting we are taking all the sprouted plants and placing them outside for the daylight hours to get all the sun they need and the added benefit of free watering since it has been continuously raining for the past 5 out of the past 7 days. The joys of Western Washington. With the additional sunshine they all have started to really take off in their growth and are showing their first true leaves.

Since we have bought our house we have been wanting to start building our square foot garden area and due to a break in the rainy weather that we have had for the past week we finally got around to removing the old clayish dirt and placing down landscaping cloth and raising a trellis for our climbing plants. So we mixed up a large batch of “Mel’s Mix” by placing all the ingredients onto a tarp and lifting one side to the other until we had an even mix. Note: Mel’s mix is 1/3rd Peat Moss (light brown color) 1/3rd Compost (dark brown), and 1/3 vermiculite (in this case perlite which is the white stuff). We then empty out the previous dirt that was in the already provided raised beds. This was for two reasons: first, the dirt was really a clay-like substance that was easy to mold but held water all to readily and, two, so that all those weed seeds would be gone. With the new dirt in we also created some trellises on the north side for our climbing plants.

The following week we went back over and finished the second 2’x5’ bed and set up its trellis with the help of my father who wanted to see what a square foot garden would look like and though they are not in this picture to be a fully compliant square foot garden we have our grid which happens to be made out of dried bamboo that the previous owners had grown and harvested. That saved us from having to find old blinds or cutting up some old 2x4s. We then transplanted the Egyptian Onion, 4 Bush Type Spirit Pea plants, One Pole Type Snap Pea plant, 2 Royal Burgundy Bush Beas plants, and 3 Lima Bean plants. As their siblings also mature I will finish filling up the squares which are currently only half full. Can’t wait till next week when we should have a lot more plants to transplant.

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