Computer Update

Well after working on the gardening side of this blog for awhile I decided I would give an update on the computer side. Remember that you can filter the blog posts so that you only see a certian catergory and same with the RSS feeds. Anyway having worked on Win 7 for a year it has been great to get to this point where we are releasing the best Windows ever. As for my computer at home not much has changd however I did get a new video card a few months ago, the ATI All In Wonder HD (Diamond Version), added a 1.5 TB hard drive on which I installed Win 7 (not RTM build yet), and finally removed my Win XP Partition leaving just a dual boot for Windows 7 and Windows Vista.
As for Windows 7 I love using it and hope that more devices come out with DLNA support so that I can use the Play To functionallity that is part of Windows 7 at my home (instead of just in senarios at work), hope everyone enjoys Win 7 as much as I enjoyed coding part of it.
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