Just about done with the House Project

I do have another gardening post just haven’t finished it yet (3 weeks in the making) but seeing I have not talked abut the house ever on this blog I decided to give a bit of a background. We bought the house back in March as part of a short sell knowing that we would have to put a lot of work into the home to make it livable again since the previous owners had moved about at least a year previously. So the projects that did included wiring the house with data cable for LAN and Phone and 2 ports for cable since their phone line just routed around the house on the outside which was very unsightly. We also changed the Aluminum wiring to Copper (they had actually burned at least two outlets and a ceiling light where the aluminum wiring oxidizes and over heated. The outlets also needed to be elevated from their 1970s position of being on the floor to the 2008 code of being at least 12 inches off the ground.

Well the wiring went smoothly and we only have one last piece of Aluminum which we won’t replace as it requires taking down the vaulted ceiling to get at the wire staples. So we instead used the proper Aluminum to Copper wire nuts (they contain a anti-oxidant conductive grease  that prevents the Aluminum from oxidizing) on both sides of the wire so that we only have to deal with copper. The data wires also all have been run just haven’t yet gotten around to hooking up the ends and such, should finish relatively soon though.

The really story is the insulation since the attic used to be infested with mice and rats (we found a few corpses while removing the walls) we needed to get little insulation that was there (might have been R-2) removed then have the attic sanitized and new insulation put in. We had one company to the removal and seal off the access ports for the rodents and large insects (wasps, bees, flies, etc) and then a couple weeks latter, just as we finished stapling the wiring and installing the runner boards, the insulation guys came in and gave us 15 inches of new insulation (R-40) in the attic and also wrapped the ducts and water lines and put in floor insulation so now we have a cozy house that traps the heat (or cool) very well and this weekend we are painting and hopefully by Monday we will finish moving into our home.

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