Last Month’s Garden

Well I am posting what I should have posted about a month ago, hopefully later today or tomorrow I can post about collecting seeds for next year. So stay tuned.

Anyway to start off I decided to show another one of our harvests where we have a head of lettuce (started bolting) lettuce leaves in a bag and some peas that were harvested. Of course we still had to de-pod the peas that we had picked the same day as you can see in the picture on the right.   So after de-poding those peas we had a nice bag full of peas that we were going to freeze. That didn’t happen so a few sprouted and there will be more about that in my next post.

With this warm weather we have been suffering under it was not surprise that everything decided it was the perfect time to bolt, so here is my broccoli with its pretty flowers and so I should get seeds for next year, maybe even trade some with fellow gardeners that live around here, including the Cheap Vegetable Gardener.

Of course this warm weather is not all bad since it helped my squash plants start growing and flowering. This flower however would generate a fruit that would become the plant and the next day a slug came by and ate it anyway so hopefully the plant will try to get more foliage out before trying the next flower. I got a soil testing kit but haven’t had time to see if I am lacking on any important nutrients, especially since I have not been able to start my own compost bin yet. But I will soon once we finish with the house.

The rest of these pictures are just to show off the rest of the plants and where the garden was at the beginning of July.

Overhead shot of the Celery Royal Burgundy Bush Bean Pods
The Watermelon and Acorn Squash plants
growing in the greenhouse
All the peppers are doing well in the greenhouse
First flowers on the tomato plants And of course the Gerber Daisy to finish the post


Enjoy the gardens and the journey of gardening!

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