Planting and Remodeling

Well the weather has warmed up outside, actually this has been a very warm winter my Brussels Sprouts survived and one of my celery plants did too. And it is close enough to the frost date that I have started a few seeds indoors now. This year is going to be more varied in crops, more space for gardening, more pictures for posting, more contribution from family members, and overall more exciting. So to get more space for planting I am remodeling two of my beds to make them more square instead of the kidney shape that the previous owners had made them. The kidney made it hard for a square foot gardening mentality since they were not consistent square feet. In addition I am making them flat instead of the slant of the hill that they are on so that the rain will not try to take away my wonderful loose soil.

Unfortunately I do not have any pictures right now since I am using this Live Writer Beta on a test computer, but I will soon post some to show my progress!

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