Remodeling Planters Pictures

Sorry for not having any pictures yesterday, but I went home and took some of the progress we have been making on the garden beds. I couldn’t take too many as my son, Andrew, begged for the camera and I let him take a few pictures from his perspective. Which actually created some pretty good pictures, mostly of people’s feet but there was one the bed that we are redesigning. The one that Andrew took of the bed is on the left which is of Kerstin trying to smooth out the filler soil now that the blocks have been leveled. The ohter picture Andrew took is on the right which is of my feet in front of last year’s boxes. I personally think he just likes the flash going off and doesn’t care about the picture since if the flash doesn’t go off he thinks it is broke and hands it to me to fix. I jsut need to give him my old point and shoot film camera so that he will let us take pictures while he gets to enjoy the flash.






The bed that we are working on right now used to be slanted in parallel with the the hill, which was around a 20° slope. This would cause all the nice light fluffy soil to the move to the low point when is rained, sometimes even burying new sprouts or the base of established plants. Though I think this is why one of the celery plants survived this year. So for the past couple of days we finally got around to leveling the bed out by removing the bed wall (which was made of retaining wall blocks) and then digging down so that each block is level when re-laid. Of course instead of the original round shape that used to be I formed it into a square, which is not an easy task for retaining wall blocks since they do not make very good 90° angles. We just need to hurry to complete this box and the northeast box because some of the cold crops are ready to be directly sown into the ground and if they don’t finish their cycle then our following crops that get those squares won’t be able to get into the ground before they get root bound if they are planted inside or they won’t be ready for harvesting by time the season is over and the fall frosts come.

The plans for this box is to be a 4×8 box with a divider in the middle that makes the east and west side become individual 4×4 terraced boxes. The picture on the left shows a piece of bamboo showing where the divider will go and the blocks that will create the terrace. Hopefully by the end of this week I’ll be able to show some great pictures of the finished product and how the garden now looks at the start of this year.

I also mentioned that the Brussels Sprout plant survived the winter and actually is producing new growth so I might get another crop of Brussels Sprouts this spring. The size of the sprouts that this plant generated last fall were pretty small (1/2 inch in diameter) and so I am anxious to see if it was the variety or that I just planted it too late last year and it needed more time.

Another addition to our garden this year are twelve red seed potatoes that I received from my father’s garden and if they propagate as well as they did last year at my father’s place then we will have enough for the coming year.

I think I got my joy of gardening from my father since he likes to plant all types of crops and always wants a garden. However my mother just wants tomatoes and peppers since those are the main ingredients that she uses in a lot of her dishes, and doesn’t care for growing these exotic plants like butternut squashes, king acorn squash, burgundy bush beans, etc that I encourage him to grow. But she lives with it and will usually cook anything that dad brings back from the garden. Personally I just wish that he would bring the garden closer to his house so that he would visit it more often and get the weed problem under control by nipping them in the bud. If he did that I think he could have a great growing season in that case.

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