New Grids and a finished 4×4 box!

Well we finally got a major part of the “West-Front Box” remodeled and we were able to fill it with Mel’s mix. But the most important improvement of today was the creation of our grids, so now we are officially square foot gardening, because without the grids it is just a raised bed not a square foot garden. And the grids actually do help us visualize how many plants can actually go into that space. For our grids we decided to forgo the bamboo rods because as last year they allowed the earwigs to breed and have a ready food supply. Instead we used florescent twine held on by weights of rebar pieces, rose stalks, or the bamboo rods. In the picture on the left you can see the rose stalk on the left and the rebar on the right. (Look at the black landscape cloth). The rebar ones actually will be buried by the 2nd terrace 4×3 so the dirt will be an additional weight to hold the grid. The grids were put on the other 2×5 boxes as you can see in the pictures below.

West 2×5 box with Grid

East 2×5 box with Grid

If you look closely at the east box you’ll notice that the White Bunching Onions are already populating their square and the Walking Egyptian Onions are trying to catch up. This warm weather of near 60 °F days and above freezing nights we have been having has greatly benefited those two and the Brussels Sprouts.

White Bunching Onions

Walking Egyptian Onions

Finally we also were able to finish replacing all the broken glass panes on roof of the greenhouse and that allows it to get quite warm in the daytime. It also allows us to keep gardening tools on the lower shelves so they are near the garden instead of having to walk to the garage and open the garage door as we used to do to get any tool that we needed.

On the planting side of things we were able to plant our peas (bush and pole) directly into the soil today along with the lettuce seeds. Once those pole peas start sprouting I am going to need to get the trellis up on the new 4×4 box, have the supplies just need the time!

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