New Fruit Trees

This year while browsing Costco we saw some fruit trees for sale. And even though we had a garden we really wanted some fruit to add variety to our foods. And of course who does not like fresh peaches and cherries. Especially a multi-variety cherry tree which will self fertilize. So we picked up the trees brought them home and placed them in our field, which one day will become an orchard of fruit trees, hopefully enough to also share with the local wildlife that surrounds us.

Going out there yesterday I noticed that the cherry tree has decided that spring has arrived and is putting for a lot of new and vigorous growth in new shoots. The peach is still bidding its time and with these recent below freezing morning we have been having these past 3 days I do not blame it. But hopefully the weather people will be correct and spring will arrive with I cannot wait to see what these trees in the summer, though since they are new I am not expecting much if any fruit this year. Just will have to wait for 2011.

The images are from left to right: The cherry tree (Rainier, Bing and Sweetheart), the cherry tree new growth (specifically the Bing cherry), and the still dormant peach tree.

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