Upgraded Pocket PC

This post was in the draft bin when it was meant to be posted back in Dec 2009.

Well, last week I was biking to pick up the van to drive down to the park and ride to take the bus. However, on my way I heard something hit the ground but I couldn’t see anything on the ground So I continued on since I was reining late. It wasn’t until that night that I realized that I didn’t have my Pocket PC. I went back over my trail and found my flatten Pocket PC. 😦 Well, that night I started looking on ebay for replacement pocket PCs (that are of the Toshiba brand) and finally found an e755 (my old one was an e740) and received it today. Well I will say that I am very impressed with this device and how well it works with Yanceyware Reader and the internet. And now I will finish this post made from my “new” Pocket PC.

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