Emergency we are without water

Well last week our well pump died. Well really seized up and would trigger it’s overheating sensor and shut off. Well that had us switch to our emergency supplies of water (of which we have quite a bit stored up) for drinking and small amounts of personal hygiene. Luckily for us my parents are in the area and we could go over there to shower and overall be mostly clean. Well on Monday my father and I pulled up the pump to see what the matter was and found the entire pipe covered in rust. The amazing part was that this is galvanized steel which is very resistant to rusting and actually is what is used in a lot of water fixtures. The other thing about galvanized steel is that it is VERY HEAVY. As we were pulling the pipe out my arms were exhausted and my legs were shaking and this was only halfway up the pipe. But we finally pulled all 40 feet plus the pump out and realized that our pipe and pump were jammed with rust particles.

So on Tuesday we were off to Home Depot we went to get a new pump, check valve, well pump submersible wire and schedule 80 PVC. Might as well make it lighter than what we had to pull out. PVC pipes comes in multiple schedules of which the most common two are 40, which is used for irrigation, and 80 which is used for deep wells and high pressure water. Schedule 80 PVC is thicker than the other stuff and is also dark grey in color. However the Home Depots around here do not carry Schedule 80 (as you can guess it isn’t used very much) so we had to call around to quite a few stores until we found it at United Pipe and Supply nearby, although they were almost out of it in their stock. The problem was that they are a normal store were closing at that time so we had to wait until Wednesday to get the pipe.

So after acquiring all the pipe and fixtures we set to work gluing the pipes together and screwing on the check valve and pitless adapter and then we had to let the pipes sit for at least 2 hours for them to cure. Well by time those two hours were done we were already asleep and since on Thursday we have prior commitments we were not able to finish until Friday afternoon.

So Friday’s work consisted of attaching the pump to the pipe, tying the safety rope to the pump (which the previous well service people (Ralph’s Pump and Well Service, Inc.) did not do when they serviced the well back in 03 (or maybe it said 05)), and putting the pipe down the well pipe. It only took 2 people to pull the thing out but it took 3 of us to put it back in as PVC is more flexible and thus it didn’t want to stay standing straight up. Once the pump, pipe, wire were in the well we moved onto wiring up the control box (as each pump is custom made to it’s control box) and capping the well. Of course we had to flush the system now and so we created an interesting water feature in front of the front door. Interestingly enough even though we pumped out quite a bit of water today (over 400 gallons) the ground around the house never got soaked. Well once everything was flushed for our new section and I had drained the hot water tank (to remove any other pieces of rust), I finally replaced the pressure gauge (which was removed because it was broken and allowed up to set up the water feature) and all the waterworks in the house once again began to operate with water presence and pressure. I then went into the garage and verified that water had again filled up our hot water tank and lit the pilot light which eventually lit the hot water tank.

So once again we have water and now we are going to replace that which we used.

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