Is this winter’s comeback?

Well last week the weather decided to drop to the mid 30’s during the night and in the day get around 45°F. Interesting thing happened though. It HAILED!! Made it look like it had just snowed though the outside temperature was hovering around 45°, pretty unusual. And the ice actually melted pretty quickly and didn’t appear to damage the plants in any way so far. So just a bit latter the box appeared as if it had never even happened and by the end of the day our greenhouse had to open up the roof because it was getting very warm inside. Some additional things we have been doing with the garden is continued sprouting seeds indoors and making getting them hardened, of which the greenhouse has been very helpful. Another project that we did was get the trellis up for the northwest box, ready for those peas and later, the squashes. And finally a future post will be about how the transplanting has been going of late.

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