Gardening Update

Well I wanted to start off this post with a picture of my giant Brussels Sprouts plant that survived the winter and decided to go to seed. I just wish that it was this tall last year, we could have had a ton of Brussels Sprouts, which I believe is what it is suppose to produce. So maybe they just have to be planted in November inside under lights and transferred to bigger and bigger pots until the last frost date to then provide enough time for them to get giant, or maybe they just get this big when they bolt. Event though you cannot tell from the picture the plant is about 7 feet tall and has started to pull itself out of the ground and tip over. But we’ll collect seeds to save, and with the rest (maybe 50 or so) scatter them to see how they handle our normal soils around our house. Who knows they might actually grow and we’ll have more Brussels Sprouts, it happened with an apple tree when I was younger.

Anyway our indoor plant starts have been coming along quite nicely and actually I am running out of room under the light (I only have one fixture) so I need to move quite a few of them outside so that the warm weather plants can keep their light until the temps outside warm up and they will survive in the greenhouse, which unfortunately is not heated and would cause my peppers to stop their growth and maybe even stunt them like last year’s peppers. So most likely the list will include moving the beans outside this coming week after they gain their true leaves and the new Brussels Sprouts plant that you see in the middle of the picture on the right. Though will all these squashes and tomatoes starting to sprout in their larger coir pots I doubt I still will have enough room for all them under the lights. Next year I will most likely purchase another set so that I can have all the sprouts under the lights. Of course next year I am going to probably have more plants too which will take up all that area that I am making way for the new plants. Another reason that two lights would be useful would be for differing height as we repot the sprouts into larger pots to allow them to grow and not get root bound.

Anyway my tomato plants have been moved out to the greenhouse to harden them off against the cold nights and eventually will be transplanted into their squares next to the trellises. The reason for using the coir pots it for the ability to just plant the pot and the roots immediately spread outwards allowing the plant to be transplanted into the garden without disturbing the roots.

Finally for a update and as the ending pictures I have both the North garden box and the south east box which both are showing great growth. I would advise clicking on the pictures as they will open up in 10+ MP so you can see each box and all the sprouts (and maybe a weed or two that I missed before taking the picture). Enjoy!

North Box With Peas, Carrots, Lettuce, Celery, Dill and Daisies

South East Box with Butternut Squash, Strawberries, Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli, Collards, Egyptian Walking Onions, White Bunching Onions and Sage

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