Finds of the Garden

HPIM5248Over winter I had left a few plants in the garden thinking that they might just go away, however the Brussels Sprouts and Collards just kept growing throughout the winter. As both of them are in the cabbage family depending on how cold your winters are (this last one got down to 15°F) you  might think of planting cabbages in fall. Another survivor were root/blub crops. HPIM5249I have all my onions (green bunching, Egyptian Top Set, large yellow), carrots and fennel that have all sent out their initial shoots for spring. Most of the carrots I actually brought in and we ate them as this would have been their second year which would cause them to go to seed. The ones I left were too small to eat so they might actually be still in their “first year”. We will just have to see come April. Luckily they are in the squares that won’t get filled until after April so they aren’t preventing anything from being blocked.

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