Building the Northeast box

HPIM5294So I finally got enough good weather to work on making the northeast box flat and better looking. As with all the other boxes, the previous owners had just laid down blocks on the grade, which meant that the beds slanted down moving and eroding the soil down hill. So I got to work making a tiered wall that would be level and also provide the 4×4 box shape that I need for the square foot garden.

The most important part is to get the first row perfectly level. Of course with a wall that goes up a slope you don’t want to waste a lot of bricks being under the dirt where no one would see them. So I would get one row perfectly level and have it end once the block was under the grade and then place on the second row and repeat until I reached the point where I could go completely around the box. One thing to keep in mind is the maximum height for these blocks usually are around 3 or 4 feet tall. To make sure that the wall was straight I used a string that gave me a guide that would be for the top row of blocks. 

HPIM5302Unfortunately the previous owners, in an attempt to hold up the archway, poured concrete around the base which blocked my blocks 2nd level so until I can borrow the rotary hammer from my father I am limited to just the bottom row.

This of course is still a work in progress, as I was only able to complete 50% of the wall before I had to move onto other projects so until this coming Saturday it will be incomplete. The soil that is currently in the box will be relocated to the south “swamp” box for the artichokes and pumpkins this year.

HPIM5316Here is a close up of the concrete. Actually when I was removing the old blocks they were the form and therefore, cemented to the concrete. Of course since they didn’t use bonding glue the concrete just chipped off the blocks after a few hits with the rotary hammer.

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