Bag of Devouring

A group of friends and our spouses get together as often as we can (once or twice a month) and gather around the table to play Dungeons and Dragons. Yes, the game is extremely fun, but it really is the social aspect of getting together and having time to talk and catch up one with another that keeps us coming back for more. Anyway as we were playing our party happened upon a bag of devouring (though at the time we thought it was a bag of holding) whose only indication that it was not a bag of holding was that everything placed in it disappeared. Knowing about bags of holding I suggested turning the bag inside out. Thanks to the quick thinking of our DM (Dungeon Master) we found out that if you placed anything near the seam of the bag it would be consumed. Our rouge was overjoyed and now he has a new touch attack to play with. So for those DM wanting to know the attack of an inverted bag of devouring here it is:

(For a Level 4 character wielding a Bag of Devouring)

Touch Attack
Attack +3
Damage: 2d3
Critical: 18-20 x2
Weight: 25 lbs

Note: If you put it in a portable hole it acts the same as if you placed a bag of holding in a portable hole. (IE both items are destroyed) Placing a portable hole in a bag of devouring will kill off the creature and cause the bag of devouring to become a bag of holding.

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