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HPIM6823We purchased our home as a short sale and it was in need of some TLC. One of the things that needed to be worked on was our entryway coat and shoe closet. It was just an empty space with bi-fold doors and when we moved in we had filled is with boxes. Problem is where do you put your shoes and coats when you come in if the closet is full of boxes? Anywhere in the house! This of course was not helpful in keeping clean carpets or having the kids shoes in the same spot every time, which resulted in missing the bus occasionally.

HPIM6931So with getting the carpets cleaned professionally by Michael’s Professional Carpet Cleaning (which did an outstanding job, even removed the blackberry and printer ink stains) we wanted to keep these carpets clean from dirt, mud and food. So I departed to Home Depot for some basic supplies, 1×4 pine boards, 3/4” red oak plywood (cut in 3 equal pieces), oak edge veneer, closet rod, shelving clips, shelving standards and stain. So I took the boards over to my dad so we could dado the pine boards to receive the plywood and dado the plywood to receive the standards so that they were flush.

With the boards dado’ed, it was time to stain them. I used two different stains, classic oak for the plywood and jacobean for the pine as they accepted the stains differently and these two colors actually complemented each other quite well. I also added a coat of polyurethane as there will be wet coats and shoes potentially in contact with the wood and I didn’t want the wood to get ruined. Entryway ClosetOnce it was stained I glued the plywood to the pine and added a few pin nails to hold it while the glue bonded. Then it was the simple task of finding the studs and screwing the pine back boards to the studs.

Now we have a place for all those coats and shoes along with games, BOBs (Bug Out Bags) musical instruments, biking gear, shoes, coats and even playdough! The carpets are thanking me already!


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  1. Posted by bluecollarworkman on April 23, 2012 at 12:25 pm

    Nice job doing this and doing it right; it looks good and should hold up just great!

    • It is able to hold my weight on the bar and climbing the shelves. So the “can it hold me up” test passed. Thanks for the comment.

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